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Bike Garage offers a comprehensive bike servicing and repair for all bikes. We are happy to quote on all aspects of repair, major and minor – Please ask!

We always offer a free quotation service before any work is carried out. 

A – Service

A general checkover.

  • Set up brakes and adjust
  • Set up gears
  • Adjust headset
  • Check tyres for wear and inflate to correct pressure
  • Check bottom bracket for wear
  • Adjust wheel bearings
  • Degrease and relubricate chain
  • Full bike check for tightness of bolts

Price £35

Not incl. parts

‘B’ Service

Intermediate service, ideal for post winter.

  • Strip down, clean and refit new gear cables
  • Adjust headset including regrease
  • Check tyres for wear and inflate to correct pressure
  • Remove front/rear mechanicals. Clean, lubricate and refit
  • Remove chain and cassette. Check for wear
  • Cantilever and disc brakes. If fitted with cantilever or v -brakes, strip down calliper, re-grease and re-assemble. If equipped with disc brakes remove pads and clean calliper, disc and check pads for wear. Reassemble and respace if required.
  • Full bike check for tightness of bolts.

Price £65

Not incl. parts

‘C’ Service

Full service, essential for those that ride often or ride hard.

  • Strip down, clean, lubricate and refit new gear cables.
  • Adjust headset including re-grease.
  • True wheels, retention spokes.
  • Check tyres for wear and inflate to correct pressure.
  • Strip down wheels hubs, clean and regrease.
  • Remove front/rear mechanicals. Clean lubricate and refit.
  • Remove crank arms, chain and cassette. Clean, check for wear and refit.
  • Cantilever and disc brakes. If fitted with cantilever or v-brakes, strip down calliper, re-grease and reassemble including new brake cable. If equipped with disc brakes remove pads and clean calliper, disc and pads (check pads for wear). Clean and lubricate pistons system, re-bled and re-spacing calliper.
  • Full bike check for tightness of bolts
  • Prepare report sheet.

Price £95

Not incl. parts

Individual Price List

Fitting single gear cable £5

Fitting full gear set £10

Fitting gear/brake outer cable £5

Tyre fitting (each) £5

Set gears £15

Set front and rear brakes £15

Bottom bracket fitting (including facing) £15

Disc Brake Bleeding (each) £15

Wheel True £15

Wheel Build £35

Hub Service £15

Headset Fitting £15

Suspension service

  • Lower lube service £20
  • Interim air can service £25
  • Seal Change £20 *
  • Oil Change £15

* Please note above prices includes oil and labour costs but does not include costs of any other parts required.

We can also advise upon correct bike setup (suspension, postition of brakes/gears on handlebars) of any type of bike. So if your unsure give us a call and we can run you though it in the shop.

Prices for all jobs excludes the cost of parts.
All other jobs charged at an hourly rate of £25.

How does it work?

We do things a little different to most bike shops, and offer a free quote on any repair.

1. Bring your bike to the workshop

We’re open every day of the week & weekend except Thursday.

Please bring your bike in clean from mud, otherwise there may be a cleaning charge of £25

Call: 01433 659345

2. Get a quote

Once the bike has been brought into the shop we will check it over within 2 working days and get back to you with a price. If you know you need your bike back by an agreed date we will do everything we can to make sure this happens.

In most cases we can accommodate emergency repairs and small jobs simple give us a call and we will do our very best to help.

3. Work carried out

All work is carried out by a Cytech qualified mechanic, using Park Tools. What this means is that the right tools will be used for the job, by someone who is qualified to use them.

4. Arrange collection

Once we have completed the repair, we will contact you to arrange collection.

5. Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with anything, just get in touch and we’ll help to resolve it as quickly as we can.

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  • More than just a bike shop

    "Fabulous service. Nothing is to much trouble. Much more than a just a bike shop."

    Christopher Coates
  • Excellent Service

    "Excellent service. James always does a great job."

    Peak Boy
  • Absolutely top notch service

    "Absolutely top notch service and a great bloke behind the counter. Can’t ask for anything more. The work he’s done for me on multiple occasions has been outstanding and completed quickly and efficiently."

    Joshua Hay
  • Fantastic Bike Shop

    "Fantastic bike shop. The Bike Garage have a genuine passion for biking - an in depth knowledge of bikes and fantastic recommendations of the Peak district trails. They performed what can only be described as open heart surgery on my bike (or something close to that! ha!) - and were incredibly accommodating - meaning that I was able to get back out on my bike in super quick time."

    Anna Farrall