eMTB Lite – An Update not to be missed.

What is eMTB Lite?

Its is a software update that comes with all 2021 Trek E mountain bikes equipped with a Gen 4 Bosch motors.  It replaces the standard Tour mode with a dynamic variable-assist mode simular to EMTB.  But at a lower torque range.

In the same way that any 2020 Trek powered CX Gen 4 motor could be updated to the greater 85nm, eMTB lite can also be retrofitted via a software update. It is something that has been elusively developed between Trek and Bosch and is only available on Trek bikes. 

We have updated our Ebike hire fleet to have it and think it offers something very useful. Especially to those who ride ebikes often and prefer to contribute more power and find eco mode too lower an assistance level. With EMTB taking too much power for longer rides.

When riding in eMTB lite the motor torque matches the required amount for the trail ahead, giving you that extra bit of assistance if required compared to standard tour mode. 

Want to learn more than give us a call on 01433 659345 or get in touch to get your bike booked in to have the update installed and feel it for yourself.

Trek Rail 9 with eMTB lite
Trek Rail 9 with eMTB lite